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Current Volume for 2007

volume 41


Summer 2007 Volume 41:
The Opal Fesivals 2007; Shopping Mart; The Enamellist's Enamellist; Show Dates; A Tribute to Gem Safari 2007; Horsetail Fossils from the Brisbane Valley; Malachite and Azurite; and so very much more.


Vol. No.1 – 1997. Beryl Crystals at Heffernan’s mine; AFLACA; Moveable Earrings: Minerals or Gems; Turkish Puzzle Ring: Ammoniotes from the Far North Qld; GEMFEST; History of Carving, A Passionate Enamellist; Hetty Wells (N.Z.) and more.
Vol. No.2 – 1998. Ken Thompson; Faceting Secrets; Mineralogical Misdeeds; Sandra Kerr (enamellist); Be a Rockhound; Micro Forum; Carving; Kiln Formed Enamel Beads; CAD/CAM Making of a Ring; The Ruby; Magazine Launch Highlights; Medieval Jewellery; Enamel Picture; Turquoise; New Competition Manual; Micromount Collecting: Dealers Day; Special Cut Machine; Turkish Puzzle Ring Revealed; Fossilized Clams and Crabs.
Vol. No. 3 – 1998. Learning to Facet again; Tony Annear; Happy Fossicking; The Microscope: Visual Optics; Kellys Kuts; Cherrie Hassett- Jewellery Designer; Metal Texturing for Basse Taille; Gemboree Highlights; Giant Crystal, Qld; The Emerald; That Inland Sea (fossils) World of Carving; N.T. Gems and Minerals; Principles of Good Instruction; What makes a good mineral specimen & more.
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Vol. No. 4 –1998. Viv Daddow; Fulgurites; Wrapped Amethyst Necklace; Turquoise 2; Making a Tiara; Blue Hope Diamond; Sacred Sapphire; Sapphires really are a Girls Best Friend; 2nd Biannual Aust. Enamel Symposium; More Happy Fossicking; Stroll along my Bookshelf; More Carving; Sapphire & Ruby; New Apprenticeships; Principle of Good Inst. (2) Gemfields in the Spotlight and more.
Vol. No. 5 – 1998. Len Ashworth; Torch Fired Beads; NZ this Summer; Mineral Collecting through the Ages; The Noble Opal; Exploring the Rainbow Billabong; Fossil Preparation; Yowah; 26th NZ Annual Show; Lightning Ridge: Fine Art of Plique-a-jour; Opal Gem of a thousand Lights; Hydraulic Press forming; Carving; Charles Mandellkow; Kybong Rockswop; Sterling Silver Thimble; NATIONAL CLUB DIRECTORY & more.
Vol. No. 6 –1999. Ted Elliott; Canowindra’s Devonian Billabong;, Mineral Collecting (2); Mile Stones; Cowell Jade; Gourmet Cook Mary Kios; Greetings from NZ. Cutting Jade; Jade’ Acid Etched Bowl; Pearls from Qld; In Search of the Splendour of Pearls; Jade, Kingfisher plumes & Musical Notes; Mt Hay Gemstone Park; Carving up Australia; Science behind Beauty; Carving; Making a Loop Chain and more.
Vol. No 7 – 1999. Vince Peisley, The Little Jaw from Inverloch, Lightning Ridge Opal & Gem Festival, Pearl Talk, The Goldsmith School, Yowah Opal Festival, Benitoite, The New Metals of Contemporary Jewellery, The Yowah, Lady Barbara Smith J.P. Australian Diamonds, Hydraulic Press, Magical Properties and Modern Miracles, Len Ashworth’s Memoirs and more.
Vol. No 8 – 1999. Hobart Gem Expo, Rape of the Quartz Crystal, Periglacial Environments & Polar Dinosaurs, Looking at Agates Through a Microscope, Mineral Collecting Through The Ages Part 3. The McCondra Report, Why I Love Agates, Jade The Stone of Heaven, Gem Vanadinite, My Love Affair with the Gem Minerals of the Tourmaline Group, Len Ashworths Memoirs, Travels with the Publishers, Agates, Old Fashioned Etching for Basse Taille Enamelling, Agate Creek Mud Map, Birds Eye View & more.
Vol. No 9 – 1999. Mile Stones, Bountiful crop of Opal Pineapples, White Cliffs Today, Our duty to beginners, The Galley Glass, Wire Wrapped Jewellery Technique “Down Under”, My Little Dino, Agate Creek the Good Old Days, The Yowah Gemfest & more.
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Vol. No 10 - 2000. Bary Walters in the Hall of Fame, Alex Amess Faceted Stone Collection on Display at 2000 Gemboree, Of Stars and stones and ancient bones, Len Cram, Colour patterns on Black Opal, Gem of the month Aquamarine, Your Mineral Collection - Getting your act Together Part 2, Wire Wrapped Five Wire Seven Wire bead Bracelet, Legend of the Lunar stones and much more.
Vol. No 11 - 2000. From the desk, Hall of fame, Show dates, book reviews, ”Not the slightest reason to doubt”, Opal Nomenclature...say what?, In memory of Burt Kayes, Symbolism of stones, International Enameller’s Delegation to China, Fossils of the tiny primates found, Your mineral collection, Falling Rocks, How much is this worth?, V for Victory, Drop earrings, How to make a wedding band, White Cliffs Attractions and more.
Vol. No 12 - 2000. Hall of Fame, From the desk of, Show Dates, A visit to Quartzite – Tucson and Bisbee, Opal, Peridot, Opal Essence, Bird kin may have predated dinosaurs, Classified Ads, Shopping Mart and more.
Vol. No 13 - 2000. Hall of Fame, Show dates, Posh by Gosh, Eighteen carat Sleepers, Emerald Eyes, Victorian Jewellery, Yowah Revisited, Lightning Ridge on Film, Foiled Again, Blue Gold, Gold Rush, Beads in a Bracelet, Classified Ads, Shopping Mart, Milestones and more.
Vol. No 14 – 2001. Hall of Fame, The Wonder of Tektites, Precious Metal Clay, Heart to Heart, Trip to Europe, Plique a jour Enamel, Green-Earth’s Bounty, Wire Wrapped Spider Brooch, Shopping Mart, Book Review Snow, Milestones, Letters to the Editor, Classified Ads and many more.
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Vol. No 15 – 2001. From the Desk, Hall of Fame, Opalized Sea Monsters from South Australia, Enamelling Copper Beads, Letters to the Editor, Milestones, Beautiful and Delicate: The Zeolite Group of Minerals, Show Dates, General Soldering Techniques, A Green Slice of Life, Twisted Wires, Wee Wonderland, Glossary of Jewellery Terms, Distorted Quartz Crystals, An Answer to Sir Howard Smith’s Article, Zircon, Tucson Highlights, Shopping Mart, Club Notes, Classified Ads and more.
Vol. No 16 - 2001. Spring 2001 - King of Opals, Georgian Jewellery, Amethysts, Cubic Zirconia, Quilpie Opal Expo, Lighting Ridge Home of the Opal Clay Potter, Pottery with Opals, Huichol Indians Beads Work, Cloisonné' a simple project, Prehnite at Prospect in the 1950ies, How to make a bangle, Pretty Chain, Tasmanian Report, A short history of Diamonds in Australia and much more.
Vol. 17 Summer 2001. TINGHA, show dates, Caged Bead Earrings, Using Fibber Optic on Dark Stone, Using colours in jewellery making, The Moonstone, Lightning Ridge Opal & Gem Festival, Tourmaline, Wildacres Workshop, Making engraved earrings, Shop hints, Yowah Opal Jewellery Design Awards Winner, Australian & New Zealand Clubs and much more.
Vol. 18 Autumn 2002 Garnets, Gemboree 2002, Munich Show, Fossils, Tear Drop Pendants, Slabs for Cabs, Cutting Topaz McGregor Summer School, Engraved Gems, Book Review, From the desk of, Show dates, Sir Howard Smith's Private Mineral Collect, The new look Opal Industry Certificates, Insect Behaviour, The Leopard Wood Mine and much more.
Vol. 19 Winter 2002 Engraved Gems part 2 of 3, Gem Art, Opal Snails, Grinding Enamel Surfaces, Beryl, Gemboree 2002, Lapidary Future in Australia, Etching, Polishing for Beginners, Museum Offers Reward $$$, The Future of Lapidary in America, Dinosaurs Invade the Museum and much more.
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Vol. 20 Spring 2002: Feldspar Group, The Petrified Forest, Engraved Gems part 3 of 3, Black Diamonds, A Bit about the history of the Gemfields, Dimensions in Gem Painting, Lazy Jeweller, Why Make Diamonds, Fluorescent Fantasy, Zircons – The hot stone and much more.
Volume 21 Summer 2002: 50th Anniversary of Australian Lapidary, Bone Carving, Show Dates, The Eulo Queen & other Outback Stories, Our Lucky Country – Our Lucky Opals, Natural Glass, Notes on Dravite, WOW! Brillant (facet design), Barbara Gasch, Two Tone Gold Pendant, Notes on Australian Tourmaline Group Species, Highlights of the Australian Enamel Exhibition, Too Hard Corner, The Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals, Yowah Winners, The Effect of Native Title on Fossicking in Queensland and much, much more.
Volume 22 Autumn: 2003 Complete Index of the First 20 issues, Tom Kapitany's Prehistoric Journeys, Show Dates, Intarsia or Florentine Mosaic, The Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Locals Solve a 30 year old Fossil Puzzle, Cutting Gemstones (book review), Micromounts; Why Their Rise in Popularity, Pretty Earrings for a Little Girl, Melting Point Photos Part 2, 20 Million Year Old Fossil Whale Discovery, Why Would You Buy a Microscope, and much, much more.
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Vol. 23 Winter: 2003 Born to Minerals (1940- ), Two Colour Beaded Earrings, Show Dates Celtic Adornments and Artifacts, The Outback's Shining Star, Superb Square with Checkered Crown, Bust of Bone (a carving project), Tucson 2003, What's New in Australia, The Torpedo Factory, Gem testing and analysis in public, Inaugural Wire Wrapping Convention, Yesterday's Prospector - Tasmania mid 19th Century and much, much more.
Vol. 24 Spring: 2003 A Stone with 'Attitude', Summary of Colour in Minerals, The Glass Button - A Collectors Item, Turquoise Earrings in Gold filled Wire, Gemboree at Gawler, Australian Enamel Symposium 2004, CHAKRA Healing Compiled, The Museum of Glass, Fluorite, Facet Design, Design for Ovals, Children's Page, Reticulated disc Pendant and much, much more.
Volume 25 Summer: 2003 Soldering Project, Book Reviews, Enamel Project, Cutting Tips, Twist Wire Jewellery, Diagrams, Highlights of the Lightning Ridge Opal and Gold Coast Shows, Jewellery Design Awards, Yowah Opal Awards, Scapolite, Introduction to Gems and Gemmology, Tanzanite, Optic Fibre, Emmaville, Judy Thompson retires, Young Explorers' Page, The Spider, Fossils - Relics of the Past and much, much more.
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Volume 26 Autumn: 2004 New Zealand National Show Review, History of Lapidary, Hostory of Beads, Young Explorers Page, From Sandstone to Skin, Earth Spirit Studio, Liquid Glass, 2004 GEMBOREE, Special Exhibits at the Smithsonian Institute, 5 simple designs for the absolute beginner, Pyrope Garnet, The Silver Class, Milestones, Letters to the Editor, Book Review and much, much more.
Volume 27 Winter: 2004 Buy & cut your Opals, Fossicking in the Harts Ranges, Young Explores, Jet - the sad Gem, Bone of a Cotention, Topaz, Improved step cut design, Sophisticated Silver, Tucson Gem & Mineral Society's 50th Anniversary Show, My Hobby A Poem and much, much more.
Volume 28 Spring: 2004 Australia's First Bead Show, Who Gets The Opal, Bead Artists Revealed, Nature's Element, Birthstones, Show Dates, Young Explorers, DIY Projects, A Miner Address Unknown, Pegmatite: Mother of Gems, Buying Opal, Who Gets the Opal, and much, much, much, much, more.
Volume 29 Summer: 2004 Australian Enamel Exhibition, DIY Tools, Beads, Gemmology,Book Reviews, The Ted Elliott Mineral Collection, Highlights of "Colour Fusions - Glass on Metal, Arnolds Fire-Opal,Fossicking in North Queensland, Treating Andamooka Matrix, Step Cut with Rounded Corners, QLACCA (Queensland Lapidary and Allied Craft Clubs Assoc. Inc.) and much, much, much, much more.
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Volume 30 Autum 2005: Zinc Minerals, Sapphires ' Then and Now ', Amber, Yowah Competition Winners, Glass Art, DIY, Show Dates, Marble Mystery, Tanzania Updates, A Further Look at Gemstones, 600 Beads, Young Explorers, and much, much, much, much more.
Volume 31 Winter 2005: Show dates, My life in Lost Wax Casting, Australian Hallmarks, Modelling Witout Metal, Notes on Rhodocrosite - a Manganese Beauty, Rock Crystal - Ice of the Gods, Caveat Emptor (Why We Need to Know About Gemstones), Mould Making & a Brief Overview of Lost Wax Casting, Interviewing Glassmaker Lily Dickson, Silversmithing Lessons for Beginners, Beadmaking 101 - Having fun making Beads,Calling All Poets, WANTED $1,000.00 REWARD, and much, much, O' so much more in this issue.
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Volume 32 Spring 2005, Show Dates, Fossils on stamps, Rectangular Stepcut, Gunyah Lapidary Club inc. Brief History, GAS 2005, Highlights of the GAS Conference, The many colours of Mortlake Peridot, Silversmithing Lessons for Beginners Part 2, Confessions of an Incurble Opalolic Part 2, Book Reviews, 55 FEET, and much, much, O' so much more in this issue.
Summer 2005 Volume 33: From the desk of, Showdates, Black can be beatiful by June Culp Zeitner, Atherton's Fascinating Facts and the Crystal Caves, MILESTONES, SHOPPING MART, Crossraods for the Australian Jewellery Industry, A Rare White Metal, Raret of the Rare,Poets Corner Comptition Winner, 2005 INTERNATIONAL OPAL JEWELLERY DESIGN AWARD WINNERS, and so much, much more.
Autumn 2006 Volume 34: The galaxy Story, Faceting Opals, Channel Setting, Magnetic Wrap, National Club Directory, Gemstone Properties, The Green Addiction, Large hoop earrings, Australia's great figure of Antique Jewellery, Show Dates and so much, much more.
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Winter 2006 Volume 35:From the Desk of, Show Dates, The Gemini Project, June Culp Zeitner, McGregor Summer School 2006 Student Works, Zeehan Gem & Mineral Fair 2005, Jurrasic Ferns, Wood Mold Casting, Core Casting, Index Volumes 21 - 30, Robin's World - Jewellers fined for selling fake Chanel, Prehnite, Tucson - Canada - 2006 and so much, much more.
Spring 2006 Volume 36 d.i.y. beading project, Len Cram, Sapphire testing, Pearls, Amethyst, Snake Chain Earrings, Introducing the "Melting Point" Gallery,More Pearl Photographs from the International Exhibition at the Sydney Museum and so much, much more inside.
Summer 2006 Volume 37 History of Enamelling, Fossils in Ipswich, D.I.Y. Beading project, Working with Titanium, show dates, Diamonds - a consumers Guide to buying diamonds, Without Instruments (continued 2), International Opal Jewellery Design Awards, With so much much more inside.

Autumn 2007 Volume 38: Agate Pottery, Enamelling Symposium Highlights, The colour of Red/Pink Diamonds, Rare Goodletite, Platinum, Show Dates, Individual Leef Fossils from the Brisbane Valley and so so much more.
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Winter 2007 Volume 39: Two sides of Tucson;History of the Evolution of Enamels part 2; Visit a Mexican Opal Mine; Show Dates; Gems, Gems and More Gems; Courting Lady Luck; Gemstone Properties - Durability; Quick and Easy Earrings; Something Borrowed - Something Blue; Buried Alive at Yowah; with so much more.
Spring 2007 Volume 40: Dimond Pipeline; Renaissance of Marcasite; Stone Settings; Simply Stencils; Limb Casts; Why Lapidaries Love Ivory; Fossicking in New England - Part 2; Agate Creek: and so very much more.

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